Every Child Can Learn

More than 50 years ago, Dr. Suzuki realized the fact that children all over the world learn to speak their native language with ease.  He began to apply the basic principles of language acquisition to the learning of music an dcalled his method the mother-tongue approach.  The ideas of parent responsibility, loving encouragement and constant repetition are some of the feathers of the Suzuki approach.

Practice to Promote Success

1.  Allow more practice time than you think you will need.

2.  Create an organized practice chart.

3.  Practice small segments before playing the entire piece.

4.  When practicing a small segment, work until it is accurate.  Then start counting repetitions.

5.  Do not interrupt when your child is playing.

6.  Encourage repetition.

7.  Catch your child doing something correctly.

8.  Praise generously.

9.  Say thank you and I love you at the end of each practice.

Congratulations!  You are making a significant and positive contribution to your child's life.  Keep up the good work!